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  Introduction Welcome to our Atomic & Molecular Database in the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM). The database is intended to collect , assess and compile atomic and molecular data for various elementary processes, and especially data needed in plasma simulation and diagnosis. Part data came from the old version of the SPECTR database(by A.Ya Faenov et al). So far the database consists of more than 2 millions records of atomic and molecular  data. The molecular database is under construction. More information.

NEWS: Fe-LIKE and Co-LIKE spectra data are updated.


  BE-LIKE and C-LIKE spectra data are updated.

2016-9-20 - 09:45:42

 happy new year!

2006-1-1 - 21:17:19

  new added Electron-impact excitation data of F-like.

2005-12-19 - 22:01:52


2005-07-15- 17:47:49

  new added spectra data of Ne-like and Ni-like ions.

2005-04-07 - 17:46:49

new added level data of Ne-like and Ni-like ions.

2005-04-07 - 17:45:06


2004-12-17 - 14:46:29

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