The Atomic & Molecular Database is supported by the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM) and the Chinese National Committee for CODATA. We intend to collect, assess and compile atomic and molecular data for various elementary processes, and especially those data needed in plasma simulation and diagnosis. So far our database contains more than 2 millions records of atomic and molecular data for spectra line, ionization potential, energy level, electron-impact excitation, electron-impact ionization, dielectronic recombination, autoionization, bibliography and plasma opacity. Part data came from the old version of the SPECTR database(by A.Ya Faenov et al) (new version can be accessed through internet), some of which are checked and revised by us. The molecular database, and the atomic database for heavy ion collision and quantum defect are under construction.
   Now the database and the web site are in test run. If you find any mistakes in our database, please tell us. Thank you very much. And if you have any suggestions and comments for our database, please contact us. We hope the database can develop rapidly with your help.

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(Latest update at :Friday September 16 2022)