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    The Bibliography database contains about 6000 records, most of them are the references for other data in our atomic and molecular database, such as atomic spectra database, atomic energy level database, database for atomic collision process, etc.. One can find these references  by inputting the selection condition directly in this database, and also by  clicking¡°Ref¡± when searching the data in other database.

   For each record in the database, it consists of the title, author(s), affiliation(s), journal name (with volume No., page number and year), abstract, etc.. At present, some data have no the information of affiliation and abstract. For more detail, please enter  More information>>

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Example: if searching all J.F. Seely¡¯s papers with the topic ¡°atomic¡± from 1996 to 2000, please:
1. input ¡°Seely J.F.¡± as the author;
2. input ¡°atomic¡± as the topic;
3. input from ¡°1996¡± to ¡°¡°2000¡± in the year;
4. click  'Retrieve' to obtain the data.

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